Sell more faster with ProsperWorks

The simple CRM for Google Apps. Recommended by Google. Used by Google. 

Sell anywhere, anytime, anyhow

manage and grow all your customer relationships right inside of gmail with prosperworks

Google Apps helps teams work whenever and wherever, working across the devices they choose. Bring that same flexibility to your CRM system with ProsperWorks, which lets you tracks sales and contract from your Gmail, web or phone.


Q. What is ProsperWorks?

A. ProsperWorks is a simple, smart and easy-to-use CRM platform that helps you manage your customer data, streamline and scale sales processes, and get actionable insights so they can sell more, faster. The product is cloud-based, crossed-device, and cross-platform; it's a web app, Chrome extension and mobile app. 

Q. Why is it the recommended CRM for Google?

A: ProsperWorks is Google's #1 CRM. It has the tightest integration with Gmail, the rest of the Google Apps suite and meets Google's stringent security requirements. 

ProsperWorks' deep integration and commitment to security, safety and trust in the cloud is why it has been officially recommended by Google. Google is also a ProsperWorks customer and is rolling out the CRM internally within Google for Work and Education team. 

Q. What are ProsperWorks differentiators? 


  • The simplest, smartest, and easiest to use CRM
  • Built for Google
  • Automatic data entry (Zero input CRM) 
  • Robust reporting suite
  • Deep integrations

Q. Who are some key customers of ProsperWorks? 


  • Udacity: Managers use pipelines to monitor deal velocity and get business insights to qualify prospects and customers better. 
  • Use it for real-time visibility into opportunities and pipelines on the go. 
  • tenXer: Use the Gmail extension to boost productivity. 

Q. What is the ROI of ProsperWorks CRM?


Q. What problems does ProsperWorks solve? 


  • Adoption: Users actually use it because it's so simple. 
  • Visibility: Real-time insights into team activities. 
  • Repeatable Sales Process: Create a process that every rep can easily follow so they can focus on selling, and new reps can onboard quickly. 
  • Central Source of Truth: Unifies fragmented data from Gmail, Google Apps, and other external sources like social and legacy systems. 
  • Losing Leads: Make sure no more leads fall through the cracks. 
  • Identifying Best Practices: Identify and replicate your best reps' behavior so you can scale out the right way. 

Q. What type of users is ProsperWorks for?


  • Sales Reps: It's easy-to-use, part of their existing workflow, enables better organization and productivity, and eliminates data entry. 
  • Sales Managers: They get team visibility, rapidly onboard new reps, replicate best practices, and can forecast and plan more accurately.