The Top Google Algorithm Updates (Updated for 2016)

Google has a long history of search algorithm updates and changes. Most of the 500-600 updates are minor. However, there are major algorithmic updates that Google occasionally rolls out every few months, which impacts search results in significant ways. Some of these massive changes include the Panda/Farmer and the Google Penguin.

With so much frequent updates, people sometimes find it difficult to keep up and stay current. But search marketers and SEO gurus know that keeping their heads above the water is critical to SEO and imperative to understanding organic web traffic and rankings fluctuations. In this light, keeping up with the algorithm changes and how these updates affect the SEO world is integral.

Below are the most notable Google algorithm updates and changes that have had the biggest impact on search since Google Panda.

The Top Google Algorithm Updates  – 2016 Version (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

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