5 Awesome Chrome Extensions for The Everyday User & Designer

Beyond just the limitless amount of information to be discovered while on your Chrome browser, the extension app store is full of apps designed to make your everyday life a little easier.

These are just five of our favorite and most-used Chrome extensions: 

1. ColorPick Eyedropper

As not something typically used by the everyday, standard user, the ColorPick Eyedropper is a must have for artists and graphic designers. Cutting the need for attempting to locate color source simply click and drag to view the color codes you need. A perfect compliment to a web designers arsenal of tools. 


2. AdBlock Plus

If you're tired of the Ad overload online, AdBlock Plus may just be the extension you've been looking for. Its ease of use, including quick disabling from the extension bar, make it one of the better ad blockers available. However, as a note, websites, such as Forbes, will require a disable or to be opened Incognito to visit.  


3. Honey

Would you enjoy more savings at the online checkout? If the answer is yes, then Honey is an extension you're probably going to love. With just a click, Honey searches their online directory of coupons and savings codes. Best of all, Honey does all the work for you in trying each code. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the savings come in. 


4. Grammarly

Even as writing this, Grammarly is one of those things which happens to completely astonishing to watch. With nearly any text written on the screen, Grammarly is analyzing your written text for spelling and grammatical errors. I may need to write this company a thank you note for their assistance in teaching me all the things I failed to learn in high school English class.... 


5. Momentum

Momentum just happens to be one of those things solely designed to add a little peace to the user who may just feel a little stressed by the daily ins-and-outs. With a daily-changing image and inspirational quote, Momentum takes the place of your blank tab or new tab and provides a clean easy-to-use interface to display your local weather, Quicklinks and an ever-useful to-do list. 


Have a favorite you would like to add? Comment below!